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Apocalypse Island (BLUE LIGHT SERIES 1)

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Apocalypse Island the first book in the Blue Light Series will be free for five days beginning Feb. 16th thru Feb. 20th. If you haven’t read  Apocalypse Island here’s your chance to get it free.

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Soul Thief, the second book in the Blue Light Series will be just .99 for seven days from Feb. 17th thru Feb. 24th. If you haven’t read the sequel to Apocalypse Island here’s your chance to get it at a discount.

New Novel


Under normal circumstances I would never serialize a novel and put it out a chapter (or two chapters) at a time. I have nothing against doing this, I’ve read some novels this way and enjoyed them. Remember The Green Mile? And I used to like the old serialized cliffhangers from the thirties and forties they reran on television when I was a kid.  so4 - Copy (7) - Copy

It’s just that I never considered doing it myself until now.

Let me explain. When I set out to write Apocalypse Island I did not have even the slightest notion that there would be a sequel. I thought it would be a tidy little stand-alone novel that would begin and end with the stories of Danny Wolf, Laura Higgins and Rick Jennings, and that would be that.

That’s not the way it turned out. Somewhere along the way this strange entity known as the Blue Light intruded into my consciousness and made its way onto the pages of Apocalypse Island. By the end of that novel I knew that the Blue Light would have to continue in one form or another, one way or another. I wasn’t sure how then, but I knew that it was so.

You see, I liked the blue light. But even more, I felt a strange attachment to it, as if it had a life of its own that had somehow escaped the imagination of its creator and found its way into his heart. Sometimes that happens, and I don’t have an explanation for why.

By the time Apocalypse Island was published I was more than halfway through another novel entitled Soul Thief, which up until then was also destined to be a stand-alone novel. But something happened with Apocalypse Island that I didn’t expect. It became a best seller. A minor bestseller when you compare it to the likes of King or Patterson, but a bestseller nevertheless. And the one thing fans of Apocalypse Island kept coming back to was the Blue Light. I got a lot of mail from fans, as well as a ton of reviews, and the thing they talked about most was the Blue Light, What is it? Where did it come from? Where is it going? Please don’t hurt it. Please don’t kill it. I’m addicted to the Blue Light. I think I’ve fallen in love with it.



Even one bestselling author made that claim. Somehow, I had unwittingly created an entity, not a human being, but an entity, without form or substance that readers have become attached to.

Go figure.

Well, that next novel, Soul Thief, pretty much wrote itself from then on. The two books became the beginning of Blue light Series with ideas for at least two more novels.

Once Soul Thief was published I began to see the same sorts of comments from readers I’d seen with Apocalypse Island. “Loved the Blue Light.” “Can’t wait to see the next one in the series.” “Want to know what happens to the Blue Light.” Will Doug and Annie and Ariel be all right. Will they survive? I want to know what happens to them and the Blue Light. Will the characters from the two previous novels come together in the third?”

You get the picture.

And that brings me back to the original reason for this post. The third novel in the series will not be complete for another few months, so, in an attempt to appease those who want more now, I’ve decided to release it as a series of .99 shorts, a chapter or an episode at a time, depending on how it all fits together. Some releases will be shorter and some will be longer.

For those who don’t like to read a book this way, well, sorry but you’ll have to wait for the full release.

For those who want to get a jump on the new novel, the first, second and third episodes (about 150 pages) are now live on Amazon, 1, 2, 3, with subsequent episodes to follow.

Of course all of my books are always free to those who are members of Kindle Unlimited.

Thanks for your patients, dear reader. I’ll see you on the other side of the Blue Light.



One of the reasons the third novel in the Blue Light Series is late because I spent the better part of last summer extending my novella, The Haunting of Sam Cabot, into a novel.

I recently got the rights back to The Haunting of Sam Cabot from my publisher. Hurray! The original version of the book was a 98 page novella. In the preceding months I extended the novella into a full blown novel of just over 200 pages. The basic story did not change. I added more depth to the characters and had fun with some of the scenes and situations.

Amazon tells me that in order to keep the existing reviews in place the extended version needs to be linked to the original paperback version, which in turn shows a much lower page count on the new extended version, which is not correct. If this seems confusing to you then you can imagine how confused I feel. Alas, it is Amazon’s way of doing things.

The upshot of this whole thing is, the page count you see on the product page is incorrect. If you decide to spend your hard-earned 3.99 for the kindle version of the new, updated version of The Haunting of Sam Cabot, rest assured that you will be receiving a novel, not a novella.

Now on to the product description.

There are places that hold evil, houses so vile, so tainted, that people refuse to live in them. Farnham House is one of those places. Once an inn, this majestic old New England manor house is back on the market, and the price is very reasonable. Sam Cabot is a man tired of moving. Now he wants nothing more than to live a quiet life in the country with his wife and young son. Little does he know that he will soon begin a long, slow descent into madness and that he will spend his summer living with dead things.

Now in Audio!

(Note:  you can download any of the below FREE by becoming an Audible member on a no-risk 30 day trial basis)








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