Episode 7 Song of Ariel

Episode 7 of Song of Ariel is now live on Amazon. I want to thank all the readers who have gone along with me on this journey. You guys are very cool. For those who don’t know, Song of Ariel is the third book in the Blue Light Series. Apocalypse Island is #1 and Soul Thief is #2. I decided to release Song of Ariel as a serial novel, writing each episode on the fly in much the same way the old serial movies and TV shows were done. Because it was written this way, I originally wanted to release each episode free. Amazon, however, does not allow anything priced under .99 cents. Bummer! I know this is an expensive way to read a novel, but as soon as it’s finished it will be released as a single volume at a sane price. Thanks again, dear readers. You rock! And by the way, this is the new cover art which will be used on the final volume.

ariel e7

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