For those who have been waiting for Song of Ariel, book 3 of the Blue Light Series, the complete novel is now available at Amazon.

Thank you all for your patience. I do hope you enjoy.ariel small - Copy

I am now working on the fourth book in the series, which will be followed by a fifth.

Also, the first three books in the series are available as a boxed set at a considerably lower price per book than buying them separately. Blue Light Series Books 1, 2 & 3




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3 Responses to SONG OF ARIEL

  1. Dear Mark, Just finished “Apocalypse Island. Best thing I’ve read on Amazon in along time. Since the last Lee Child novel. Anyway, After my final tour in the Navy in Brunswick, I moved my trailer into the old Richmond Trailer Park (It might be gone now, It was a dump then) so I could afford to live and commute to USM in Augusta and Portland/Gorham to finish my degree. You see I was born in MMC in Portland and mostly grew up there. Unfortunately I was forced by circumstances to live in a Portland Orphanage out on RT.302 in Deering. The Maine Home for Boys for four years. I was sorry to hear you took liberties with the geography, because I was hoping it got Blue-Lighted as sometime when I was stationed in the Philippines, I heard it had been leveled and eventually turned into a huge apartment complex. Too good for the place. I’d have preferred a really small nuke. I worked for government aviation for a long time, and they ARE pretty sneaky, when the urge hits. So you were pretty close there. Close enough anyway. . I settled in Cape Elizabeth and eventually retired to South Florida. BTW, I’ve had many meals and wedding receptions on (or in) DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant and landed a skiff on Ft Gorges once.
    I have my Power Squadron License and have been to almost every dockable island in Casco Bay.
    You’re right too, that island of yours isn’t on any of my charts. Keep writing, I always like to see a Maine boy make good. There’s one in Bangor married to Tabitha that did pretty well too, or so I hear. Best Wishes, Paul PS.Small world ain’t it?


  2. Hope you see this, it’s not my habit to contact authors so I’m not familiar with the protocol for Kindle


  3. Hey, Paul, thanks for your comment. Glad you liked Apocalypse Island. It is a small world. I was born in Brunswick and went to high school there while living in Bowdoinham. Earlier when I was in grammar school we lived in Durham, and that’s where I first met Stephen King. He was a year ahead of me but we were friends. Not much contact since his breakout but he has wished me well with my writing. I began a little later than him. I spent the first three decades of my adulthood writing songs and playing in bands. My first novel, The lost Village was published fifteen years ago, so I haven’t been at it that long. Getting old now but I still play music and have three more novels of the Blue Light Series planned plus other things. Sometimes I think I’m too ambitious. Interesting hearing about your history; the orphanage and Richmond, your Navy career and all. If you’re feeling gracious I’d appreciate a comment on Amazon concerning Apocalypse Island. The more reviews the better, but no pressure. Thanks again,


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